Entrepreneurs are not motivated by money but their passion instead

If you plan to be an entrepreneur with the main objective just to make money, I do not think you will be successful. Most successful entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Mark Z & Elon Musk to name a few, they are not motivated by money but yes they are self-made billionaires in the tech industry. What are their motivated to then? Their PASSION to solve problems. They identified a problem that worth billions for them to solve, that is why they do what they do and money flow back to them. 
So if you have the desire to be an entrepreneur, I recommend you first find your passion. Then identify a problem that worth some amount of money for you to solve, create the solution and sell it. For instance, like myself, my passion is on technology, a lot of businesses need technology for their day to day operations, so I create IT solutions that are worth millions (at the moment, it will grow as it scales up) and I sell it to make money. But it is not an easy process, you need to undergo some experience first before jive into your own business. The ideal sectors of knowledge that you must have to be self-employ as follows:
1. Identify your passion
2. Knowledge on business development
3. Knowledge on marketing (growth)
4. Knowledge on sales (survival)
5. Knowledge on service delivery & customer service
There are 2 ways to learn, either by work experience or you have a business mentor. I recommend for you to have a business mentor and if you are interested, please email me at faizal.shebli@ieconsulting.my.
Tomorrow InsyaAllah we will learn how to find your passion. Have a nice day entrepreneurs!
Posted in Business on May 07 at 06:16 AM

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